Dental Technology

Photo of digital equipmentBRUCE B. BLAU and his group, 121 DIGITAL DENTISTRY SERVICES are committed to bringing forth the most advanced, cutting edge digital technology to our patient population.

Our practice at 121 EAST 60th STREET has always incorporated the latest advancements in dentistry. We are pleased to announce that we have reached the point where the office is becoming completely digitized with the best dental equipment and instruments, technology-driven communications, website and social interaction. Sterilization and all instruments and equipment meet standards well exceeding the industry and government requirements.

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Some of the most advanced digital dental technology currently incorporated in our practice

photo of a dental xray DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY(X-RAYS) for both Panoramic and individual tooth views. This technology has significant advantages over traditional film, including far less radiation exposure coupled with greater efficiency and accuracy that is instantly displayed and transmitted on any computer or mobile device.

IDENTAFI oral screening deviceDIGITAL ORAL CANCER SCREENING utilized the IDENTAFI SCANNING DEVICE. Our office incorporates this 2 minute examination as part of your routine check-up and cleaning. If detected early, 90% of oral cancers are fully curable. We also employ the use of ORAL CDX brush biopsy for initial differential diagnosis.

DIGITAL DIODE LASER TREATMENT photoDIGITAL DIODE LASER TREATMENT. Great for most soft tissue surgery for basic procedures to reduce gum swelling and pockets along with the removal of unwanted growths, such as aphthous ulcers(canker sores) and fibromas. Increasingly used for soft tissue biopsies and more than 100 other uses in a pain-free environment.

AIR ABRASION that eliminates drilling for the smallest cavities.

ELECTRIC HIGH SPEED HANDPIECES photoELECTRIC HIGH SPEED HANDPIECES(drills). Being electric these eliminate the use of noisy, compressed air driven drills and these are quieter and faster with more precision.

TRIOS 3shape DIGITAL SCANNER/CADCAM. This new technology eliminates ALL IMPRESSIONS for: porcelain crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and implant crowns. Can also be used for clear aligner orthodontic treatment, nightguards for grinding and clenching, snoring/sleep apnea appliances, TMJ/TMD appliances, and athletic mouthguards.

DIGITIZED/COMPUTER AIDED IMPLANT DENTISTRY. Helpful in Implant position and placement.

DIGITAL TOOTH SHADE and OCCLUSAL ANALYSIS. Increases accuracy by eliminating the deficiencies of the naked eye.


Always the best STERILIZING techniques utilized.

We will always stay current and update our techniques and knowledge as new innovative services become available. Attending the best continuing education courses, Dr. Blau and his office will continue to stay at the forefront of modern dentistry.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Blau, call our NYC Dentist Office in Midtown Manhattan at New York Office Phone Number 212-888-6311.